Mr.R.RAMASWAMY, the radical son of a Thudiyalur farmer, returned from the UK after an engineering degree to tackle a burning need. Rampant umployment, industrial recession and lack of basic resources gripped his mind. He was quick to envision the bridge between unemployment and opportunity. This bridge came to be called Texmo Industries in 1956, the name Texmo being derived from Textile motors.

This bridge was the sustenance for himself and his co-workers. This was the bridge between his own being and motors and pumps. Those who had joined him earned Rs. 200/- a month, princely sum in those days. Those who bought what they made trod the path to fortune. The water pumps Texmo industries made soon made it a household name that brought water to many fertile but arid soils.

Mr. R.RAMACHANDRAN, inspired by his father Mr.Ramaswamy, enlarged his vision, fortified and extended the bridge and created even more opportunity both for all those who made the products and for all those who bought them.

He built three new factories between 1977 and 1983. The Statomat Automatic Coil Winder he installed was the first in Asia. He brought in CNC machines for precision and started to computerize the entire operations of Texmo industries. Always innovative, he designed and made the first bore well submersible pump in 1977 and the first open well submersible in 1986.

AC Motor - 1956
The fashion of the time favoured coupled pumps. He changed the traditional markets into accepting monoblocks and submersibles. His customers were quick to realize the advantages of superior product technology and accepted the new ideas without question. Thus, the country changed over from coupled pumps to monoblocks and submersibles.

The Indian motors and pumps industry had in Mr. Ramachandran, a pioneer who bought in radical improvements in manufacturing, product technology and customer satisfaction.

Mrs. Damayanti Ramachandran, Managing Partner, wife of Mr. Ramachandran, is driven by family values and the legacy. Ably supported by a band of loyal employees, she knew that her task, like her husband's and his father was not going to be easy.

Monoblock Pumpset-1967
In 1995, Mrs. Ramachandran installed the Automatic Moudling Line to make the environment cleaner and safer for foundry workers and produce high quality castings. In 1997, Taro Pumps, and altogether new brand of pumps was launched. This would meet the objective of offering with the most up to date technological advancements pumps and motors.

In 1998, a new unit was established to manufacture Taro Borewell Submersible Pumps. Mrs.Ramachandran had earlier, in 1993, set up Texmo Precision Castings, a high technology foundry that caters to the demands of the global investment castings, market. This was the first step taken by Texmo Industries towards globalization.

Professional management, fair and attractive human resource practices, sustained determination and effort to induct innovative technology have ensured good returns for all stake holders, be they employees or customers.

Automatic Moulding Line - 1997
Texmo Industries is beholden to Mrs.Ramachandran for continuing the fine work of the founders and keeping pace with technology and the market.
" Today, the Bridge that is Texmo Industries continues to connect hope, freedom and opportunity to those who live beside it and to all those who walk every day across its span."